Exercise 6: Creating an Automation controller Job Template

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Demonstrate a network backup configuration job template with Automation controller. This job template will save the running configuration from all four routers and store them under /backup on the control node with a timestamp.

To run an Ansible Playbook in Automation controller we need to create a Job Template. A Job Template requires:


Step 1: Create a Job Template


Make sure to select job template and not workflow template)

Step 2: Launch the Job Template

  1. Navigate back to the Templates window, where all Job Templates are listed.

  2. Launch the Backup network configurations Job Template by clicking the Rocket button.

    rocket button

    When the rocket button is clicked this will launch the job. The job will open in a new window called the Job Details View. More info about Automation controller jobs can be found in the documentation.

Step 3: Examine the Job

After executing the Job Template it will automatically open the Standard Out pane

job details view

  1. Examine the Standard Out pane

    The Standard Out pane will display the output from the Ansible Playbook. Every task output will match exactly what would be seen on the command line.

  2. Click on a task in the Standard Out pane to open up structured output from that particular task.

    Click on any line where there is a changed or ok

    task details window

  3. Click on the Details tab to open the Details pane

    The Details pane will information such as the timestamp for when the job started and finished, the job type (Check or Run), the user that launched the job, which Project and Ansible Playbook were used and more.

    If the Job has not finished yet, the Details Pane will have a Cancel Job button that can be used to stop the Job.

Step 4: Examine the Jobs window

Any Job Template that has been run or is currently running will show up under the Jobs window.

  1. Click the Jobs button the left menu.

    jobs button

    The Jobs link displays a list of jobs and their status–shown as completed successfully or failed, or as an active (running) job. Actions you can take from this screen include viewing the details and standard output of a particular job, relaunch jobs, or remove jobs.

  2. Click on the Backup network configurations Job

    jobs link

    The Backup network configurations job was the most recent (unless you have been launching more jobs). Click on this job to return to the Standard Out pane. Automation controller will save the history of every job launched.

Step 5: Verify the backups were created


You have successfully demonstrated


You have completed lab exercise 6

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