Ansible Workshop - Configuration as Code for Ansible Automation Platform 2

This is documentation for Ansible Automation Platform 2

Configuration as Code(CasC) is the way to maintain all your infrastructure.

This workshop will provide code to demonstrate how to use CasC to maintain all aspects of AAP. The provided code will be a starting point, and will guide the user through how to utilize the code, and make it their own. This session will cover configuring controller, private automation hub, execution environments, and custom collections as well as the creation of workflows without the GUI as an example to follow along. These principles will help to prevent drift in configuration, allow changes to require approval before implementation, and help to maintain both a development and prod deployment.


The presenter deck is available here: Configuration as Code

Time planning

The time required to do the workshops strongly depends on a couple factors: the number of participants and how much discussions are done in between.

Having said that, the exercises themselves should take roughly 1-3 hours. The accompanying presentation itself adds 10 minutes.

If your experience is different in scheduling these workshops, please let us know and file an issue.

Lab Diagram

ansible config as code lab diagram