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A job template is a definition and set of parameters for running an Ansible job. Job templates are useful to execute the same job many times.

Syncing your Project

Before you can create a job template with a new playbook, you must first sync your Project so that Controller knows about it. To do this, visit Controller, click Projects and then click the sync icon next to your project. Once this is complete, you can create the job template.

Project Sync

Creating a Job Template

Step 1

Select Templates

Step 2

Click the Add icon, and select Job Template

Step 3

Complete the form using the following values

Key Value Note
Name IIS Basic Job Template  
Description Template for the iis-basic playbook  
INVENTORY Workshop Inventory  
PROJECT Ansible Workshop Project  
Execution Environment windows workshop execution environment  
PLAYBOOK iis_basic/install_iis.yml  
CREDENTIAL Name: Windows Credential  
LIMIT windows  

Create Job Template

Step 4

Click SAVE Save. On the resulting page, select the Survey tab and press the Add button Create Survey

Step 5

Complete the survey form with following values

Key Value Note
PROMPT Please enter a test message for your new website  
DESCRIPTION Website test message prompt  
ANSWER VARIABLE NAME iis_test_message  
DEFAULT ANSWER Be creative, keep it clean, we’re all professionals here  

After configuring your survey, click Save. On the resulting page, turn on the survey you just created.

Survey creating

Running a Job Template

Now that you’ve successfully created your Job Template, you are ready to launch it. Once you do, you will be redirected to a job screen which is refreshing in real time showing you the status of the job.

Step 1


Step 2

Click the rocketship icon Add for the IIS Basic Job Template

Step 3

When prompted, enter your desired test message

Survey Prompt

Step 4

Select NEXT and preview the inputs.

Step 5

Select LAUNCH SurveyL

Step 6

Sit back, watch the magic happen

Once again you should be presented with a Job log page. Selecting the Details tab should show you the variable you passed into the playbook among other details.

Job Summary

Next you will be able to see details on the play and each task in the playbook.

Play and Task Output

Step 7

When the job has successfully completed, you should see a URL to your website printed at the bottom of the job output.

If all went well, you should see something like this, but with your own custom message of course.

New Website with Personalized Test

Extra Credit

Now that you have IIS Installed, create a new playbook called remove_iis.yml to stop and remove IIS.

Hint: First stop the W3Svc service using the win_service module, then delete the Web-Server service using the win_feature module. Optionally, use the win_file module to delete the index page.

End Result

At this point in the workshop, you’ve experienced the core functionality of Automation Controller. But wait… there’s more! You’ve just begun to explore the possibilities of Automation Controller. The next few lessons will help you move beyond a basic playbook.

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