Automated Smart Management Workshop: Insights Environment Setup

This use-case will focus on connecting an individual’s Red Hat Portal Account to the Automated Smart Management Workshop environment for the purposes of demonstrating Insights functionality at the end of the workshop.

This exercise is primarily targeted for a Red Hat SA to deliver a demo of the Insights services, though any individual with a Red Hat Portal Account, the appropriate account permissions and other prerequiistes could run through this exercise.

This exercise is perscriptive in its setup, yet open-ended in its implementation.


Exercise Scenario



Ok, let’s get started…


NOTE These instructions assume that the Ansible Controller is setup. This can be done in one of two ways: 1) Complete Exercies 0 - Lab Setup or 2) Run Setup / Controller.


Login to your AAP UI’s

NOTE The following are example URLs. Your student lab URLs will be different.

  • Ansible Automation Platform URL
    Example: https://student1.{random}*


1. Logging into the Ansible Automation Platform (AAP)

login screen

2. Setup Insights Template

NOTE This template is a workflow template as indicated by the visualizer icon and type = Workflow Job Template

Setup Insight

Insights Workflow

NOTE Prior to executing the workflow job template you MUST add variables to the template. To do that:


complete survey

NOTE You may click on each job template being executed to see the details of that job template run)

workflow complete

At this point in the exercise the Ansible Smart Management Workshop is now connected to your Red Hat Portal Account and is configured to support demonstrating Insights.