Workshop Exercise - How is the Pet App Doing?

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In Exercise 1.6 we installed a sample pet application and tested its functionality. Now that we have upgraded the RHEL version of our app server, let’s retest to see if there has been any impact.

Step 1 - Retest our Pet Application

It’s time to repeat the testing you did for Step 3 in the previous exercise.

Step 2 - Add More Records to the Database

In Exercise 2.2, we considered the potential pitfalls of including app data in the scope of our snapshot. Imagine what would happen if your app at first appeared fine after the upgrade, but an issue was later discovered after the app had been returned to production use.


In this exercise, we observed that the RHEL in-place upgrade left our application untouched and we found that it still works as expected after the upgrade. Then we added some new app data to demonstrate what will happen after rolling back the upgrade.

This concludes the RHEL Upgrade section of the workshop. In the next and final section, we will be rolling back the RHEL upgrade, taking us right back to where we started.


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