One Time Setup

Here are the setup directions you have to perform one time for the workshop provisioner.

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Create an Amazon AWS account.

2. Create an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

3. Install the following packages

package dnf pip
git git N/A
ansible-core 2.11 or newer ansible-core ansible-core
boto3 - required for collection python3-boto3 boto3
netaddr python3-netaddr netaddr
passlib python3-passlib passlib
Requests python3-requests requests

Example installation with dnf: dnf install python3-boto

Example installation with pip (recommended to use a virtualenv): python3 -m pip install boto3

Workshop specific packages

Network Workshop

For the network workshop you must also install paramiko version 2.8.1

package dnf pip
paramiko python3-paramiko paramiko==2.8.1
python3 -m pip install paramiko==2.8.1

Recommended to use pip for this package since we don’t have exchaustive test list of every OS and what paramiko version ships with it.

Why paramiko 2.8.1? See issue: 76737. Paramiko will be replaced by libssh in the future.

Windows Workshop

The windows workshops will also require pywinrm and requests-credssp

package dnf pip
pywinrm python3-winrm pywinrm
requests-credssp python3-requests-credssp requests-credssp

Are you using Automation Controller (formerly Ansible Tower)? Automation Controller Instructions

4. Set your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

The access key and secret access key that you created from Step 2 should be stored under ~/.aws/credentials

[root@centos ~]# cat ~/.aws/credentials
aws_access_key_id = ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP

5. Clone the workshops repo:

If you haven’t done so already make sure you have the repo cloned to the machine executing the playbook

    git clone
    cd workshops/

6. Run the requirements.yml file to ensure all the Ansible collection prerequisites are met.

  ansible-galaxy collection install -r collections/requirements.yml 

7. Subscribe to AWS marketplace images

Some of the workshops require specific images provided via the AWS marketplace:

8. One time setup Complete

Return to workshop provisioner instructions

Automation controller Instructions

NOTE Sean needs to update this for Execution Environments (EE), the plan is to automatically create an EE that will spin up workshops with all requirements built-in.

Are you using Red Hat Ansible Automation Controller to provision Ansible Automation Workshops? (e.g. is your control node Ansible Automation Controller?) Make sure to use umask for the installation of boto3 on the control node.

[user@centos ~]$ sudo -i
[root@centos ~]# source /var/lib/awx/venv/ansible/bin/activate
[root@centos ~]# umask 0022
[root@centos ~]# dnf install -y python3-boto3
[root@centos ~]# deactivate

Getting Help

Please file issues on Github. Please fill out all required information. Your issue will be closed if you skip required information in the Github issues template.