Release PR

The Ansible Automation Workshops have two main branches

A release is when we move devel into master. This means the stable master branch will pickup all new features, bug fixes and changes that devel branch has been testing.

How to push a release

  1. An administrator has to create a PR (pull request) from devel into master from

release pr

  1. Title the PR with Date Release PR

For example: April 16th, 2020 Release PR

  1. Copy the last PR’s contents into your new PR contents, here is an example:

e.g. here is a template you can use

this is a release PR, a release PR merges the devel branch to the master branch taking in multiple PRs over the last period of time. The last release was on April 16th, 2020
this merges PRs for the following since the last review:
- - cleaning up tower exercises
- - Fix start of YAML marker
- - add synchronization with ansible/product-demos
- - new exercise for rhel lab with system roles
- - fixing RHEL workshop exercises
Release PR
cc @cloin @liquidat @goetzrieger @Spredzy
  1. The goal of the PR summary is to:
  1. wait for CI testing to complete

    ci testing

  2. merge when you get passing CI

passed ci

  1. If there are major changes, announce these to Roland to make sure they reach his newsletter :)

Getting Help

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